I love the hippie vibe!

I the laid back, hippie vibe!

It reminds me of my college days. Oh wait, before you go thinking I was in college back in the '60s, think again. I miss the laid back, hippie vibe of my college days is what I'm saying! Clad in a tank top, jeans, sandals while my friends played the guitar on the library's steps and the rest of us sang along, those were really good times.

I played around with Polyvore a wee bit, and yeah, this does brings to life a little bit of the mood and tone of my college life. :) I enjoyed college, and this is what I miss the most -- that feeling of being in the moment, not knowing what "the real world" had in store for us, a little bit anxious, a little bit excited, but just taking all the world's changes as they happened a little at a time. A simple, laid-back, hippie vibe, yes.


I love notebooks!

I notebooks!

Source: Flickr

My current favorite is my Moleskine sketchbook. The pages are smooth and just a wonderful place to write ideas down. 

But notebooks in general make me happy! Blank, unlined pages seem to shout out "Put those stories on paper now!"


I love The Sims 3!

I The Sims 3!

Need I explain what this game is all about? No, no, you know I don't have to.

I admit to being addicted to this game. In fact, right after I write this entry, I'll go play my game. It's my ultimate stress reliever.

Exciting news! EA Games is coming out with another expansion pack for The Sims 3. It's called The Sims 3 Ambitions. You can control your Sim's actions at work and see how this affects the community. Read the news details here. And watch the The Sims 3 Ambitions trailer right now!

If you're a Sims 3 gamer, have you signed up as part of the community yet? (Sign up here.) What I love about the community is I can download custom content. There are lots of great ones! Register your game and you get some freebies too.

Okay, time to go gaming now. My Sims are calling out to me!


I love Joshua Radin's music!

I Joshua Radin's music. I've been listening it at work all afternoon and it's just so calming.

Paperweight from the film "The Last Kiss" is one of my favorites. It's a duet between Joshua Radin and Schuyler Fisk. I'm also mighty in love with the song "What If You". It's so lovely. Have a listen.


I love this necklace!

I ♥ this Ascii Heart necklace!

I type <3 a lot, so this one made me giggle. Is that a geeky thing? Whatever. I think this necklace is awesome. I sure want to own it!


I love Starbucks' Green Tea Frap!

I ♥ Green Tea Frappuccinos! Particularly the one from Starbucks.

It's been my comfort drink since I started working. No,wait. It's been my comfort drink ever since a Starbucks was put up near my office building. That's more true.


I love the suburbs!

I the suburbs!

The city will always excite me. But after a long day at work (and I work in the middle of a busy, busy city!), I look forward to the quiet moments at home. No honking of buses or cabs outside. No bright lights to blind me. No pedestrians walking way too fast.

I like the sprawling, green lawn. Heck, even the identical looking facades. Because that's what they are really -- just facades. It's what's on the inside that matters. It's home.


I love Oliver Jeffers!

I Oliver Jeffers' works!

My sister introduced me to "Lost & Found." It's about a boy who finds a penguin in his apartment, and his quest to bring the penguin back to its home. Now just where its home is, he doesn't quite know.

The stories are simple and charming, the artwork much more so. I liked Lost & Found so much I bought his other books. I read them to my son. When he's much older, I'm certain he'll enjoy reading them himself too.


I love Top Chef!

I watching Top Chef. It's my all-time favorite reality show. There's not that much drama. The battle is really based on talent and not the schmooze factor at all.

This season was the best I think. By best I mean it had the most professional, most awarded collection of cheftestants. The winner, Chef Michael Voltaggio, pictured above, is highly creative and always had an edge over his fellow cheftestants, even his brother.

I can't wait for the next season! It'll take a lot to top Season 6!


I love baby slings!

I baby slings! I would love to wear one with my son but he doesn't seem comfortable in one. I end up holding him in my arms still.

Peacock Market Sling

This one looks so cute, so bohemian. I can wear it on morning walks to the park or the neighborhood market.

Well, if my baby would let me put him in it.


I love this top!

I loose tops, particularly this Sailor's Lover Top.

Having given birth a few months ago, loose tops make me feel more comfortable. The thing is loose tops can make one feel fatter than one really is, so the cut is really important. This particular sailor's lover top looks just right. I'd wear it with leggings and my ballet flats.


I love cozy corners!

I cozy corners!
Image from art-homes

This particular corner makes me want to curl up in it with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate. Grab a thick fuzzy throw, turn the fairy lights on and I'm good without human interaction for a couple of hours.


I love How I Met Your Mother!

I the TV show "How I Met Your Mother."

I'd love to move to Manhattan and hang out with Ted, Barney, Robin, Lily and Marshall. Well, I'm crushing on Ted. He's an architect, has a good sense of humor, is cute and is a hopeless romantic. He's my TV crush of the moment.

I do wonder who Ted's wife will be, but I'm also not too anxious because knowing who the "Mother" is in the show's title would mean the show being over. Nooooooooooo.


I Love Green Tea!

I green tea!

Image from fuckyeahilovetea

Eating is so much fun. I know how it can be purely a functional activity -- to fill you up, sustain your energy, to survive. But eating is sensorial too. The texture of a chocolate cupcake on your tongue... the swirl of the oyster once off its shell and in your mouth... the cold tickling sensation of a slurpee slurped too quickly.

An overload of the senses comes when I eat too much though. Yeah, it's like they're numbed. And so green tea comes to the rescue. It pacifies my rebelling stomach.

It's like an Aunt calmly telling me not to eat so much next time while patting my head. Warm and comforting. Weird analogy but yes, green tea is comfort. Green tea is an equalizer!


I love New York!

I New York!

Image by Robert C

Let's set things straight; I've never been to New York. But I've read enough chic lit and watched enough rom-coms to built a huge fascination for the city.

You've Got Mail. Nick & Norah's Playlist. The Devil Wears Prada. Three Keys in Chelsea. Felicity. Sex and The City. How I Met Your Mother. There's just so much love for Manhattan. F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

I WANT to understand my fascination better. I want to understand why New Yorkers are fiercely loyal to their city. I want to see Central Park in the fall.

I want to go to New York! I'm in love with the idea of it!